The Outreach activities organized by Xu lab provide the public opportunities to walk into a plant science lab and get to know basic concepts about plant science.

Academic exchange activities

​From May 29th to June 4th, 2024, Margarethe Karpe, a PhD student from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, came to the laboratory for academic exchanges. During one-week studying, she learned how to extract DNA and some managerial methods of planting tomatoes in plant factories and greenhouses.

Outreach program

The Outreach program was held on April 24 in the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology. We had an opportunity to educate the public on the biology and technology used in tomato breeding.

The 15th CAS "Public Science Day"

The Public Science Day was held on May 18 and 19 in the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology. Public from different ages and backgrounds had access to the laboratories and greenhouse, and opportunities to handle simple experiments, like pipetting and centrifugation in the lab were provided.

Tuanjie lake NO. 2 middle school plant science workshop

In the morning of June 4th 2019, students from Tuanjie lake NO.2 middle took a Science Tour in Xu lab, talked with the undergraduates and PhDs in the lab, learning what it means to work with science and basic knowledge related to plant molecular science.

Undergradute Reserach Programme

Carmilla Arzola from University of Florida did her internship in Xu lab. She spent here the summer, learning how to define the developmental stages of tomato and dissect tomato shoot meristems.

Plant Functional Genomics and Peptidomics Group